Event review : First WhiteCycle dissemination workshop
December 11, 2023

Event review : First WhiteCycle dissemination workshop

An event aimed at highlighting the objectives and initial progress of WhiteCycle project, co-funded by the European Commission and focusing on the recycling of PET fibres contained in complex end-of-life products (tyres, hoses,multi-material textiles).


On 28th November 2023, more than 90 participants - manufacturers, equipment suppliers in the recycling sector, institutions and partners in European projects - gathered at the LADOUX Campus, at Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, France, to attend the first dissemination event of the results of the European WhiteCycle project (2022-2026). This was an opportunity for the 16 partners in the consortium to discuss the project and present their progress on recycling PET in complex materials.


Description :

On program for the day, with the facilitation made by Juliette JANES from Rong Yi Solutions, the results of the 1st year of the project were presented :

- Advances in the project concerning real-time monitoring and identification of PET textile waste (by IRIS)

- Advances in the project concerning the triboelectrostatic separation of end-of-life tyre fibres (by Institut P')

- Progress on the PET enzymatic recycling (by Carbios)


Synergies TLC also presented the launch of "Nouvelles Fibres Textiles", France's first industrial pilot for the automated sorting and dismantling of end-of-life textiles. Discussions were held with players involved in textile recycling, such as the European ECOSYSTEX network. CENTEXBEL, involved in another European project, CISUTAC, presented the synergies between WhiteCycle and CISUTAC.


During the afternoon round tables, the key figures for the textile recycling sector in France were presented by the ReFashion, the Producer Responsibility Organization, and the state of the art in sorting and dismantling technologies was discussed between the stakeholders. A second round table was organised to discuss life cycle analysis methodologies and environmental communication. The discussions were rich and varied, providing an opportunity to debate the issues and gather different points of views and information!


The discussions concluded with a private tour of the "L'Aventure Michelin" museum, a way of discovering the history of this company committed to sustainable mobility and a pioneer in the tyre industry.

Our warmest thanks to all the speakers and participants who contributed to the success of the day!