About the project


avoid up to

Milion tons of plastic

landfilling or incineration each year
avoid up to

Milion tons

CO2 emissions

European partners

European Project

An innovative European project to process and recycle PET from complex waste

A partnership to reach the objectives set by the European Union in reducing CO2 emissions by 2030

A unique consortium rallying 16 public and private European organizations working together for more circular economy

Complex textile-based plastics


complex textile-based plastics (PET) are very difficult to recycle.

But this could soon change!

A European

of 16 entities has been formed to address this issue and is working to recycle this waste

European consortium - WhiteCycle
revolutionary enzymatic recycling

How ?

  • With innovative sorting technologies

  • A revolutionary enzymatic recycling process allowing the creation of plastic similar to new

  • The manufacturing of new products from these recycled plastics.

A united multiskilled consortium to cover the overall value chain

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