Focus partner: SYNERGIES TCL
June 20, 2023

Focus partner: SYNERGIES TCL

Synergies TLC innovates alongside manufacturers, waste management companies, clothing brands and public institutions to develop new solutions for automated sorting and local recycling of end-of-life textiles and footwear to create secondary raw materials for various industries. Synergies TLC advises its clients in the implementation of good practices (waste stream characterization, eco-design, etc.) and offers services adapted to each sorting and recycling issue (sorting batches, sample preparation, etc.).

SynergiesTLC relies on the expertise of its founding members (Alpes TLC, Provence TLC, Recycollecte Vosges TLC, Tri-Vallées and Recytex), players in the collection, sorting and recovery of textiles, located in France and Belgium, and committed for many years to the development of innovative and alternative recycling solutions, which are both socially responsible and economically sustainable.

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