Sorting for Circularity Europe
February 21, 2023

Sorting for Circularity Europe

This study based on the Sorting for Circularity Europe project explores at “analysing types of wastebeing generated, quantities available as feedstock for recycling, and the ability to channel textile waste as feedstock for those with innovative solutions. This report is key as it is the first to provide powerful information on which informed decisions can be made for further investment, policy developments and next steps towards circularity. […]”

Fibre-to-fibre textile recycling commitments and policies are continuously increasing, as one of the key strategic components propelling organisations to support the transition towards a circular fashion industry. In turn, these developments are expected to drive an increased demand for post-consumer textiles collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure across the EU. Scaling this infrastructure will require substantial investment. In order to holistically inform any future investments, there is a need to understand both the characteristics of post-consumer textiles available in the European market as well as the business case for monetisation through recycling.

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