WhiteCycle on TireTech 2024
April 3, 2024

WhiteCycle on TireTech 2024

Tiretech 2024 is a flagship event for the tyre industry and tyre technology. It provides a dynamic platform to explore innovation, technology and emerging trends in tyres. The event includes exhibitions, conferences and interactive demonstrations, as well as in-depth discussions on market trends, technological advances, environmental sustainability and new regulations. Attendees have the opportunity to meet industry thought leaders, leading researchers and technical experts to broaden their knowledge, establish professional contacts and catalyse innovation. Tiretech 2024 is an unmissable opportunity for those who want to stay at the forefront of the tyre and mobility industry.

The WhiteCycle project was here to present the advances and solutions. Presenting by François Bataille of Michelin during a conference about on PET for tire reinforcement.

In a world where the durability has become the number one of priority, our project was to minimise the environmental impact. At the TireTech 2024, we have presented the eco-responsibility tire with our technology, made from recycled materials and designed for an exceptional durability.

Our presence during the TireTech Exposition 2024 was be in addition a great opportunity to consolidate our presence and to implant the project in tire landscape.

François Bataille - Michelin