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Benjamin REMY
Project Coordinator



Carbios is a French company pioneer in the development and  industrialization of biorecycling technologies for plastics and textiles. It  has developed a unique enzymatic process that breaks down PET polymers of  waste materials. Unlike current recycling methods, this process goes back to  the basic constituents of PET, generating high-purity monomers that are used  to produce virgin-like plastics and polyester fibers. Carbios’ disruptive  innovation can recycle all types of waste, whether clear, colored, opaque,  complex, and polyester textiles. Hence it brings PET, the second most widely  used plastic in the world, into the circular economy.

The demonstration plant has proven the process performance at  industrial scale, and Carbios will operate in 2025 the world’s first PET  biorecycling plant.

Role in the project

Leader of WP3, Carbios will harness its core technology for the  depolymerization of complex feedstocks such as tyres and hoses.

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