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Cédric RAOUL (alt: Maxime DOOMS)
Senior Consultant – Collaborative projects



Dynergie is today one of the main players in innovation in France. Its  job: to accelerate the growth of the most beautiful companies that shape the  world of tomorrow. Dynergie teams create innovative businesses, by  intervening from the emergence phases of high-potential concepts to their  deployment on the market, including the financing strategy of these projects.

In recent years, Dynergie has had the opportunity to structure and  deploy on the market some of the finest national and international innovation  projects, in sectors as varied as the media, industry, humanitarian, health,  transport, culture, etc.

Because it is now essential and possible to combine economic impact  with societal and environmental impacts, Dynergie plays this key role in the  ongoing revolutions.

In short, Dynergie is a team of 100 innovation enthusiasts. Useful  innovations, innovations that create growth, innovations working for a better  world.

Role in the project

Coordination in WP8 in support to Michelin. Responsible for T8.2, T8.4and T8.6.

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