Office: Dr.-Kilian-Str. 11, D-92637 Weiden i. d. OPf.

Production: Hutschenreutherstr.19, D- 92637 Weiden i. d. OPf.

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Alexander Prokein
CEO / Managing Director



Since 1994 ESTATO Umweltservice GmbH covers the complete workshop  disposal of different branch networks in European automotive sector and also  takes care of all environmental and energy consulting issues. All recyclable  materials such as used tyres, car batteries, scrap metals, oil filters,  operating fluids, or packaging materials are collected and professionally  processed and disposed of in the operated recycling centres.

ESTATO as a certified  waste and energy management company is a industrial partner for numerous  regional, national and international customers. One of the main pillars of  the business model is the sorting and mechanical recycling of used tyres.  With a current processing capacity of around 10 million end-of-life tyres per  year one of the largest tyre recycling plants in Europe and also one of the  leading suppliers of high-quality secondary raw materials from tyres.

Role in the project

Contribution of many years of technical knowledge in the field of tire recycling and qualitative composition of raw materials / products obtained in the process (e.g. textile fibers). In addition, suitable partner for the provision of required material samples for the testing and development of separation technology and work processes.

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