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IFTH is the  French technological reference center for the fashion, textile and clothing sectors. The IFTH role is dual : to provide technical, technological and  specific solutions to business needs, and to feed the textile and clothing  ecosystem in order to promote growth, sustainable development and relocation  of activities in the territory. IFTH brings expertise in :

  • Research and Innovation, involving products (functional textiles, composites and clothing) and processes of the whole value chain of the textile and clothing Industry, through many funded collaborative R&D projects
  • Testing, standardization, and certification (offering over 500 textile standards and tests). Examples are microbiological tests, fire tests, comfort tests, UV tests, ageing test, OEKO-TEX®
  • General and specific training for the preservation of     the know-how and the development of skills

To facilitate the transfer to Industry, IFTH has several semi-industrial engineering platforms to elaborate and validate some concepts, for pilot trials and prototyping.


Role in the project

IFTH is the WP2 Leader.

IFTH will develop with Michelin different technical paths with thermal or activated gas  routes to reach amorphous PET with high specific surface for the further  enzymatic depolymerization performed by CARBIOS, in presence of remaining  impurities. The best way to conduct polymer pre-treatment will be implemented  to preindustrial scale of 20 kg/h use (TRL 6) and evaluated through LCA.

IFTH will also be strongly  involved in the WP4. IFTH has strong know-how in spinning processes  and yarn applications. For both clothing and technical textile, PET  multifilament yarns have already been prototyped by IFTH by the mean of a  melt spinning semi-industrial line and the use of commercial PET granules  with an IV until 1.1 g/dL The spinnability of the r-PET polymer from complex  waste will be studied in collaboration with KORDSA by the mean of the IFTH  semi-industrial melt spinning line.

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