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Ekin Ersoy
Project Engineer



With 49 years of experience in  reinforcement technologies, Kordsa is the leading player in the advanced  materials market with its tire, construction, and composite reinforcement products. The company provides  reinforcement technologies and has a production network extending across a  vast geography from the Americas to the Asia-Pacific. By providing services  in 13 production facilities in 6 countries located on 4 different continents  with over 5000 employees globally, Kordsa continues to reinforce life while  expanding its global footprint every day.

Kordsa develops reinforcement  technologies for the tires of vehicles from different segments, such as  automobiles, airplanes, and agricultural/industrial vehicles. Today, Kordsa  reinforces 1 out of every 3 automobile tires, and 2 out of every 3 airplane  tires in the world. Also, Kordsa develops innovative and unique intermediate  products and applications for composites technologies for the aerospace and  automotive as well as sports equipment and marine. In the construction  reinforcement industry.

Role in the project

As a WP leader, KORDSA is responsible for production of r-PET-basedtyre-cord fabrics, lay-flat hose grade and clothing grade yarns. The main objectivesof this WP are to produce and process r-PET from WP3 monomers that arecompliant with the technical requirements of the reinforcement frame of tyres,hoses, and technical garments.

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