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Paul Dumesny
Textile Recycling Engineer

Synergies TLC


Synergies TLC supportsplayers in the textile sector in their projects to promote TLC (Textiles,Linens, Shoes). Alongside manufacturers, clothing brands and institutions,Synergies TLC participates in numerous research and innovation projects aimedat optimizing the sorting of used or unsuitable textiles for reuse, allowing the reuse of the material and supplying industries in secondary raw materials.

Synergies TLC is working on the development of an industrial process for automated sorting and dismantling that will allow the relocation of textile recycling in France. Synergies TLC advises its clients on the implementation of best practices (characterization of textile deposit, eco-design, etc.) and offers services adapted to each sorting and recovery issue (custom batch sorting, sample preparation, etc.).

Role in the project

The role of Synergies is to sort, prepare and provide complex textile(multilayer and multi component such as coats, rain jackets…) that are too used to be reemployed in order to recycle them and extract the polyester containing inside.

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