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University of Clermont-Ferrand is a school that aims to research, educate, and spuraction for a sustainable world guided by systems thinking and to open up for creative dialogues on alternative futures. The Centre’s focus lies on systems thinking approaches and system dynamics modelling for sustainable development covering a broad range of topics in the social, economic and environmental domains of sustainability (e.g. energy systems, industrial manufacturing, agricultural systems, natural resources, socioeconomic systems, circular economy, sustainable cities, etc). The methodological approach is integrative and inter- and transdisciplinary. The overall vision is to facilitate sustainable system development within and beyond Europe through research, educational and networking activities.

Role in the project

University of Clermont-Ferrand is responsible for the assessment of economic  dimension. Analyzes causal relationships between cost-benefit analysis,  market structures, and firm-level economic performance to support circular  economy Framework oriented innovation: R- framework to map existing and  proposed Circular Economy strategies and to foresee how they influence the  viability of value chains for the WHITECYCLE innovation cycle. The economic  analysis (micro, meso and macro scale) to elicit generic interactions, and  the development of economic indicators for company-level reporting.

Second, the assessment of social dimension. Assesses  social impacts of WHITECYCLE innovations and potential issues for social  acceptance, applying Social LCA and SDG goals/indicators. Micro-level (focus groups  with MICHELIN, MANDALS and INDITEX) and meso- and macro-level (stakeholder  influence-interest matrix, semi-structured interviews and participatory  scenario building exercises).

Finally, the assessment of stocks that integrates  environmental, social, and economic evaluations and maps the interactions  between flows and stakeholders. Systems thinking and system dynamics  modelling to identify systemic behavior patterns, drivers of intervention and  to develop company-level SDG reporting as well as circular business models.

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