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Valeria Jana Schwanitz

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With about 16,000 students and 1,800 staff, the Western Norway University of AppliedSciences is one of the largest higher education institutions in Norway, providing degree programs at bachelor, master and PhD levels. Western Norway isa key area for the provision of hydropower-based energy to the rest of Norway and beyond. Traditionally, the links to actors in the energy field are strong, also reflected in setting the research agenda for HVL. HVL is a member of EERA,E3S.

HVL partners in Whitecycle are located at theCampus in Sogndal, Department of Environmental Sciences within the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Role in the project

Participating  researchers at HVL will draw on their expertise in the fields of sustainable  development, life cycle analysis, data management and FAIR and open science  standards practices to develop internal processes and external-facing  communications, ensuring that the knowledge created by WHITECYCLE can be  shared widely and reused appropriately to advance the circular economy.

In addition,  HVL will be a part of evaluating the social impacts of this project and how  it can create value for citizens, consumers, companies, and public  authorities and preparing convincing messages to be transmitted broadly by consortium partners and the networks in which they are present.

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